About JR Johnson

JR Johnson

For as long as JR can remember he has had a special connection with animals. As a child on his grandfather's farm, he knew that he wanted to be around animals. It was not until he was in his late 20's that he realized his love for animals could be bridged into a vocational passion.

JR was introduced to The Dog Wizard in Charlotte, NC back in early 2013 when his wife (then girlfriend) mentioned they were hiring for the lot staff position. He was hired for the position which entailed cleaning up after the dogs, watching over them during socialization and administering medicine. It was not what most would call their "dream job” however, he was thrilled at the notion that he could be paid to be surrounded by animals! About a month after being on the lot staff JR had an opportunity to start in The Dog Wizard Academy. Here he completed the necessary training to have the experience to start training dogs. He worked with the Charlotte location as a trainer before taking an opportunity to join the team in Charleston.

This location was notoriously successful and he knew he would continue to learn and grow his skills. so much from this experience, so again he took a risk and put off opening his own location to work and learn under The Charleston Dog Wizard. A few years into training and JR was again presented with an amazing opportunity to become the owner and operator of the The Charleston Dog Wizard as Noelle Woodhead, now the Franchise Operation Manager stepped into a bigger role than her own location and felt he was a great fit to take over.

JR enjoys spending his time with the dogs and most importantly helping families understand their dogs needs. He cherishes theses experiences and how it has opened his heart. Being part of The Dog Wizard has become one of the most fulfilling decisions of his life.