I can’t tell you how much a difference The Dog Wizard has made in our lives. I highly recommend them! Our dog Roxy was a bolter, and we chased her countless times around our neighborhood. Several times she would run up to the main road, and we were terrified Roxy was going get hit by a car. However, after her training at the Dog Wizard, she is like a new dog. We can now take her outside with us and not be afraid she will bolt off. I can also take her to my kids games and let her run and have fun. As much time as we like to spend outdoors, it has been life changing for us to be able to include Roxy in all our family activities without the anxiety of her taking off. Thanks Dog Wizard!

-Raeanna C.

The Charleston Dog Wizard has been a lifesaver for my reactive pup. JR truly understands animal behavior and the motivations behind it. He uses that knowledge to channel my dog’s energy into positive learning experiences. Our training sessions have shaped my dog into a completely different animal! For so long I kept my pup isolated for fear of how he would react to the world. With The Charleston Dog Wizard’s guidance and techniques I am now able to walk my dog in public settings with full confidence. Not only does JR build up the dog’s confidence, but he does so for the owner as well. His techniques are easy to understand and simple enough that anyone can practice and implement them on their own once a session is over. Everyone at The Charleston Dog Wizard is friendly and eager to assist their clients. I cannot recommend The Charleston Dog Wizard highly enough!

- Julie M.

Our Yorkie Max was 7 lbs of dog and 100 lbs of sheer terror. Biting, jumping, peeing, pooping, and he never SHUT UP!!!!. We'd finally had enough and were seriously considering taking him to the shelter. 

Then we heard about J.R. at Charleston Dog Wizard. After a couple of weeks Max quit pooping in the house, only jumps up when invited, and is quiet ALL NIGHT LONG! Plus, he comes when he's called. If Max wasn't micro-chipped I'd have sworn he switched dogs with us! We were so impressed, we adopted another dog and our first call was to the Dog Wizard for training.

Both our dogs are now the best behaved in the neighborhood, and are a joy to have around.

I refer to J.R. not as the Dog Wizard, but the Dog Exorcist, because before he met them our dogs were clearly demon possessed and now they're little angels (well...at least as close as a dog can be to an angel).


-Madison & Brandi G.

The Charleston Dog Wizard is amazing. We have struggled for many years with our large dog and his "other" dog excitement/anxiety. We have worked with The Dog Wizard program for all of our basic obedience training and we feel very comfortable with our mastery of the basics, but we never have quite cleared this particular hurdle with Barney. The biggest benefit of this program is the ongoing support, whether it is a tune up refresher of basic manners or addressing a specific problem area. Jon and his staff are incredibly attuned to your dog's specific personality traits and dysfunctional coping behaviors to help your pup overcome these "negatives" and be successful. They also are extremely adept at "training" dog owners to be successful in communicating with their dogs. The idea being that the most important aspect of training is the relationship between the family and the dog. We still have work to do to overcome this hurdle but I am confident that with Jon's guidance and support and instruction, we will absolutely be successful in guiding Barney to healthier and more appropriate behavior.

We couldn't be more pleased with our ongoing experience and Jon's unparalleled commitment to dogs and their families.

-Lisa R.

John Shun Wolf, the Charleston Dog Wizard, is simply amazing! In three short weeks of Doggie Camp, he transformed our fun-loving but very rambunctious Willow into a well behaved, obedient active listener. Family training was as much fun as it was informative. We love JR and his team! Please check him out for all of your dog training needs!

-Melissa T.

We used Charleston Dog Wizard for three dogs. They have made a difference in our overall family. Our dogs can be taken anywhere at anytime and behave like good little nuggets!

One dog was a puppy (Great Dane), one was 4 years old (Yorkie) and one was 9 years old (Weiner dog). Looks like you can teach old dogs new tricks.

-Crystal M.

Charleston Dog Wizard's are the best if you want to have your dog trained. My 4 year old beagle sharpei mix was horrible on the leash, aggressive towards any and all dogs and was not getting on with my infant son. Off for two week boot camp with the wizards and she came back a completely different dog. Great on the leash, goes to doggy daycare with no issues at all and let's my two and a half year old son walk her and give her treats. Noelle is great and all of the staff truly love what they do. Highly recommend!

-Keith B.

Noelle, at Charleston Dog Wizard, began training my golden retriever puppy when she was only 4 months old. They did more extensive training with her when she was a little older, and the difference has been incredible. They taught her patience, which is not easy for a golden retriever puppy. Noelle and Danielle continue to work with her when I need any help. They are the best. I have recommended them to many people and I will continue to do so.

-Danna B.